Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ordered at Last

I finally submitted the seed order mentioned in my previous post.
I made a few last minute changes. I bought corn seed from the supermarket because I hadn’t been too impressed by the varieties on offer through the mail order supplier – but maybe I was being too gullible, being easily swayed by the image on the seed packet.
I also dropped the zucchini from my order after buying some seedlings instead. And then I got home and found I had a packet of zucchini seed all along. Fortunately its expiry date is still a couple of years off so as long as I remember it next year I won’t have to buy seedlings or seed in 2010.

Eggplant was another culling victim. Since I’ve never grown them before and Gloria has never cooked them, I thought I could save a couple of dollars. We probably wouldn’t make much use of them anyway and they’d take up valuable gardening space. [It’s amazing how quickly the garden shrinks when spring growth starts to fill up the bare patches again].

As long as the supplier lives up to its word my order should arrive early next week. Their promised prompt delivery was a big incentive to give them a go.

There was an exciting development in the garden this week. The first sign of life from my potatoes! I had only planted them about three weeks ago and I had never seen results so soon in previous plantings. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things for my potatoes this year. But then again, the growth is probably coming from a stray scrap of peel that survived composting.

On the subject of “tatties”, I planted out a second crop over the weekend, this time in bags that I bought from the digger’s club. I have two bags of Kipfler and two of Nicola. After trying countless other ways of producing potatoes (and failing) I’m trying to remain optimistic about this method. My dad can’t understand why I don’t just stick with the old tried and true method of growing potatoes in the ground like he used to do.

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