Monday, May 06, 2013

Imogen Brough on the Voice

Gloria and I have been watching the Voice of channel 9 and were particularly impressed by Imogen Brough's performance sin the blind audition and the Battle round.

However we were disappointed with the performance last night and suspect she won't make it through to following rounds.

NOTE I did not say were were disappoinited with HER performance last night. The disappointment was with the "Coaching" of Rick Martin. Why on earth did he send her out to sing in a key entirely outside of her comfortable range?

So far her demonstrated strength has been in the husky quality of her lower range, breaking out for a powerful climax as she did in the blind audition where all four "coaches" simultaneously turned their chairs in hope of claiming her for their teams.

For her performance last night she was required to sing in a high register continually moving into falsetto.

Poor coaching is almost certain to end her progress in that competition but hopefully will not damage her future in music.

Imogen Brough, you are a unique talent deserving to find success. I hope you find it.

Gloria and I are considering whether it is worth continuing with The Voice.


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