Friday, January 07, 2011

Online GST Campaign.

There is a bit of a protest going on in Australia, with some major retailers demanding online goods purchased from overseas be subjected to GST like locally sourced goods.

But where do most of the retailers source the stock that they sell to the public?

From overseas!

DO THEY expect to pay GST on their imported goods too?

Recently I bought books from an AUSTRALIAN based online book shop. The books they delivered came from overseas and were GST exempt. One book I wanted to order would cost me $55 plus deliver of $6.00.

I have since ordered the SAME book directly from an overseas supplier for $23.00 and free delivery.

Charge me 10% GST for all I care - it would only add $2.30 to the cost instead of $38.00 more from the local supplier!

(The local supplier is part of one of the major book chains found in most Australian shopping centres.)