Tuesday, September 22, 2009


It looks like we’re getting an unexpected delivery of top soil this morning. It must be blowing in from the west. The air is thick with red dust, so some poor farmers have lost a significant amount of soil which will be left as a fine deposit across the country side.

Gloria thought she could see a hint of dust in the air when I left for work today. The gathering clouds had a slight touch of redness. That “touch” has intensified to leave no doubt. It has the appearance of bushfire smoke without the accompanying smell of burning trees.
Apart from the visual confirmation, I am experiencing slight burning irritation in the throat that is different from the effects of a cough I’ve had for a few weeks.

We are supposed to get rain today, so afterwards everything will be coated with a streaky red deposit. The rain is needed and we always enjoy a downpour, but in combination with the dust the rain will be a mixed blessing.

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Onesimus said...

The dust blew over before the rain came.
We are now having a series of extreme downpours mingled with hail.
I think I would have prefered the dusty rain - at least that could be washed off the car. Hopefully the hail hasn't done any damage.

I tried to drive the car under cover but the door to my employer's workshop was blocked.