Monday, May 04, 2009

Tank Installation

More than two and a half years after moving into our house I have arranged for the installation of a water tank for the garden.
The delay wasn’t totally wasted time because we can now get the tank size we preferred without obtaining council permission. When I first made enquiries the maximum size allowed was a 5000 litre. Anything bigger had to be submitted to council for their assessment. That limit has now changed and I can install a 10,000 litre without seeking their approval.
We will also now have the benefit of a Government rebate to assist with some of the cost – and that wasn’t available when I first looked into the tank issue.

According to the company installing the tank, it seems it should be installed in the next week or two. After the tank is in I’ll be able to make a start of the landscaping of the rest of the backyard. Until now I’ve had to leave most of the back untouched to allow access for the tank. When that’s in place I can create garden beds much closer to the house and I’ll be able to do something about a paved area for an outdoor table and chairs. I’m not sure whether the best option would be for paving or for compacted gravel. I think the latter would have a less formal appearance which is maybe what I’d prefer.

The intended tank site.

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