Friday, May 01, 2009

Birds in the Garden & in the Bush

Quick quiz.
Which of the following photos was NOT taken in my backyard?

It's quite obvious that the photo of the emu is the one not taken in my back yard. There wouldn't be many bird baths in the bush to attract so many Pied Currawong's to one place to drink/bathe.

I saw the emu alongside the road somehwere between Narrandera and Hay about a week ago. It was the first time I've had my camera nearby when I've seen an emu - and I was also lucky to see it in one of the few places where there was room to pull off the road.
There were a few more further along but they were too far away to get a decent photo and the road was too narrow to stop.

It's been a good week for close encounters with wildlife. On the trip home from Hay we almost ran over a fox, then yesterday on the way home from work there was a mob of Kangaroos in the roadside paddock just outside of the work's security gate.

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