Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art, UFOs, Truth?

Today I came across an online art magazine

I haven’t had the chance to have a good look at it yet but I did read Budd Hopkins’ obituary and a 2010 interview with Hopkins linked in the obituary.

He was a major UFO abduction investigator and author. I’d forgotten he was also an artist.

I can credit Hopkins for waking me up to the truth about UFOs and alien abductions. His book “Witness” was about a UFO abduction witnessed by a high ranking United Nations official. I found the whole story was beyond ridiculous.

It was clear to me that Hopkins was so caught up with the story that he had lost any sense of objectivity. For me that book was the final confirmation that so many UFO claims are media creations, or at least media driven. The majority of what we “know” about them is filtered through the subjective, often highly biased reporting of UFO “investigators”. The reported “truth” is usually far different to the objective truth of what actually happened. Somewhere between an actual experience and the end product of the published report there is a great deal of embellishment.

That embellishment may not be added to intentionally deceive; it could be that the reporter is driven more by the need to believe than by a desire for truth

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