Thursday, May 20, 2010

You CAN teach an old dog...

Three things I learned this week.

1) I learned how to drive a forklift. My employer sent me away for a three day course and I stayed in a 4 ½ star motel for two nights at company expense. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to fully enjoy the facilities because my free time was spent studying the theory section of the course. The study paid off because I scored 100% in the written test.

I didn’t do quite as good in the practical but I did enough to pass, therefore I am now an authorised forklift driver even though in my job only requires me to drive a desk and a computer.

One of the few motel luxuries I was able to enjoy was my room’s spa bath. This leads me to the second thing I learned.

2) Eureka! Archimedes was right – and this provided my third learning experience.

3) When using a spa bath make sure the water level is well above the water jet nozzles BEFORE you get into the bath and definitely BEFORE you start the spa pump.

I sat in the bath as it was filling and started the pump when the water was above the nozzles.
I then realised I had no soap so stood up to get it from beside the bathroom sink.
Removing myself from the water caused the water level to lower below the nozzles – which immediately fired water across the length of the bathroom soaking everything.

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Crystal Mary said...

I can just see funny.
While living in Tennessee my husband introduced me to a wonderful spa on our back deck. Can you imagine, we'd get in when it was snowin on our heads and enjoy the heat around our body. With dreamy lights changing colour. IT was FABULOUS!
BUT, you have to be a bit mad.
(no honesty, I loved it!)